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iLAS/Lockdown System Alert Sounds

Firstly, the iLAS sirens are NOT voice-grade PA style sirens. They are based on the emergency services grade sirens developed by us for use on ambulances and fire engines. They are specifically designed to deliver loud alert tones that penetrate over long distances, even through high levels of ambient noise.

The siren tones are easily dostringuished from other alert or advisory tones that might be used by other systems, but to ensure personnel on site recognise each tone more readily, they are supplemented by voice-overs, that enunciate the required action associated with each tone.

The following three tones are STANDARD on every iLAS System (to hear each of the standard alert tones, simply click the ALERT TONE file. Requires Windows Media Player, or a player that will play .WMV format files).





Lockdown tone (.wmv file, 216Kb)

"Lockdown! Go to your designated Safe Area."


Evacuation tone (.wmv file, 221Kb)

"Evacuation! Go to your designated Evacuation Point."


All Clear tone (.wmv file, 215Kb)

"All Clear. Wait for further insttrcutions from your Safety Warden."

Note that in line with AS2220 ('Emergency warning and intercommunication systems in buildings'), the colour codes on the remote control handsets correspond to the colours specified for alert (or lockdown) and evacuation flashing lights (which references lights as being AMBER for  ALERT/LOCKDOWN and RED for EVACUATION.

These same colours are used in the optional VISUAL ALERT BEACON module flashing lights.

Note that up to two additional tones are available but that this requires a different model Siren Station as well as a different Remote Control*. The additional tones are 'Lock Out' and 'General Alert'.

* Standard Remote is 4 button: 'Lockdown', 'Evacuation', 'All Clear' and 'Sirens Off'. Optional alert tones require a 6-button Remote.


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