WiLERT - Design & Operation

Designing your WiLERT System:

1 - Determine how many beacons you need, and where they're needed

is a modular system so you only buy what you need.

Beacons are simply installed wherever they're needed.

If bollard mounting is preferred, the bollards need to be flat topped and at least 15cm diameter.

2 - Determine if repeaters are needed

Once installed, and depending on the area covered and/or the type of activation devices required, wireless repeaters are then also installed. Small installations of only a few lights spread out over a small area will generally not need a repeater. This is because the wireless remote controls or wall mount control panels (the devices with the shortest radio range) will operate within a range of 100-200 metres in most environments.

Repeaters, if required, can activate beacons up to 400-500 metres away in clear space. They are generally mounted on a wall or a pole, but require either 240VAC (mains) power, or a solar charging unit (optional). The repeaters not only extend network coverage for larger installations, they accept input signals from activation devices such as IR (infrared) photo beams, vehicle detection radar or pedestrian pressure pads.These devices will need to be 'wirelessly enabled' and are provided on a custom basis, based on site specific requirements.

Emergency Alert Systems staff can help with your initial design, but the site installer can optimise the design through trial and error by relocating sirens if required. As with any wireless system, site specific issues such as building location, construction material, position of trees and other vegetation can affect performance, so this initial process will help resolve these issues. Because the Siren Stations are shipped fully charged, they can be placed around your site and trialled for best position, before they are then fixed in their final location.

3 - Determining number and type of activation devices

WiLERT is activated using wireless controls, either handheld remote, or wall mounted control panels. You can have one, many or a mix of these. 

Two options exist in addition to the wirleess remote controls:

A - A wall mounted, battery powered, remote control panel, and

B - A wall mounted , mains powered control panel

4 - Determining LED colour

or AMBER generally suit most factory and warehouse applications, with AMBER generally being to advise caution is needed, and RED being to advise trucks or pedestrians should STOP. Green or blue LEDs can be supplied as options.


Operating your WiLERT System:

1 - Network security

WiLERT uses a 'keyed' encryption system, in the same way a WiFi network does. A unique security code is programmed into every WiLERT Beacon and every Remote Control handset, wall mount control panel, or activation device that might be provided.  It means your system is unique and resistant to interference from other remote control devices, and hacking.

Because of this security feature, two or more WiLERT networks can co-exist (eg one system for a warehouse and one system for a factory floor), or located close together (for example, systems installed in adjacent factories by different businesses) without interfering with each other.

2 - Network licences

NO RADIO LICENCE is required for your WiLERT System. This is because the wireless network operates in the 433MHz range (ie the lower end of the UHF spectrum), no licence is required. It is also generally a low power bandwidth, so is not likely to experience interference from other UHF radio systems.

3 - Activation

Simply press the ON button to activate, and OFF to deactivate. It's that simple. 

Need extra controls? Simply order them, and we'll ket them to your site's security code and they're ready to go.

Always keep one remote as a MASTER and keep it securely locked away.

Upgrading your WiLERT System:

Simply add extra beacons or remote controls - even wireless repeaters to extend inter-siren distances  - as required.


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