WiLERT - Features & Applications

A unique Australian developed safety solution

What sets WiLERT apart is that:

  • it is a wireless solution, so you can more easily place 'networked devices' (in this case, flashing beacon units, repeaters and activation devices) where they're needed, WITHOUT the hassle of installing cables
  • it features distinct, easily seen beacons, with LEDs that both flash and rotate, to make them even more obvious
  • there is NO centralised master control panel that you have to get to in an emergency
  • there is NO single point that can cause a system failure
  • there is FULL battery backup (and even a solar power option) for all Siren Stations

A unique solution for a wide range of applications

The above listed features make WiLERT an ideal emergency warning solution for applications such as:

  • factories and warehouses
  • loading docks and distribution centres
  • temporary work sites
  • sites without permanent 240AC power available (eg construction sites)

Whether you need to warn pedestrians of moving vehicles approaching, or warn vehicles that pedestrians are about, or even warn vehicles that other vehicles are approaching (eg around a blind corner), then WiLERT can be adapted to meet a wide range of site specific needs.

Manual activation

Hand held remote control activation:

Portable remote controls allow ad hoc activation by authorised oeprators

Wall or bollard mount push-button:

On demand activation via fixed position wireless control.

Automatic activation

Wireless vehicle detection:

Wireless detection of vehicle passing a fixed point via wireless enabled IR photo beam (or other device)

Wireless pedestrian detection:

Wireless detection of pedestrian passing a fixed point via wireless enabled IR photo beam (or other device)


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